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The Life of the Church



The Community Reformed Church is committed to involvment in four levels of mission:

  • Global Mission (we support RCA missionaries JJ TenClay and Angel Lopez and variously timely projects depending on what is happening in the world)

  • Regional Mission (we support the Long Island Council of Churches Emergency Food Pantry, Refugee Resettlement, the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, and a number of other regional groups and organizations)

  • Local Mission (we collect clothing, funds, and donations for local groups like Adventures in Learning and seek to make a positive difference in the area surrounding our campus)

  • Personal Mission (we believe every individual is called and equipped to use their own gifts, skills, and resources to make the world around them a more just, healthy, life-affirming, grace-filled experience for all)

Sunday Morning Worship

At Community Reformed Church, we recognize that worship is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.  Our Sunday morning services take place at 10:30 every week.

Whether you have been a "life long church goer" or have never stepped foot in a Christian church, you are welcome to join us.  Our services include music, teaching, and prayer.  You are welcome to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with (even if that includes simply observing).  We have a printed bulletin that will help you follow along with and our pastor regularly explains the various aspects of our worship.

We celebrate the Lord's Supper at least monthly (usually on the first Sunday of the month).

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Lectio Continua Service

​The newest addition to our communal life together is our Wednesday Evening Lectio Continua Service.  This is an opportunity to gather and "dive more deeply" into the scriptures.  Pastor Tim will be unpacking entire books of the Bible verse by verse.  We are currently studying the book of Ephesians.


Do not be afraid!  This is not a "special" time for "heavy hitters;"  this is an opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the Bible and learning some of the tools needed to read it more effectively and apply its teachings to every-day life in the 21st century.


Sunday mornings, after worship and coffee time, we are working our way through What if Jesus Was Serious About the Church by Skye Jethani. 

This study is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. 


Like all of our other activities, you do not need to be a "regular" at the Community Reformed Church to participate!  Contact our pastor (using the form at the bottom of this page) for more information and how to join us!


Discipleship Coaching &
Pastoral Care

A "disciple" is someone who (1) seeks to follow, (2) learn from, and (3) emulate someone else.  The word "Christian" is simply a synonym for "Disciple of Jesus."  It is that simple!

To be "Christian" is to seek to increasingly follow, learn from, and emulate Jesus.

Sometimes this is simple; other times we need help.  Our Pastor has been walking alongside with and coaching people for over two decades.  Are you stuck?  Do you need a little help understanding life or thoughtful support?  Are you going through a tough time and need some help? Pastor Tim would be eager to meet with you.

Also, if you would like prayer or are in need of someone to talk to or someone to visit you in the hospital, please contact him using the form at the bottom of this page (the message will go directly to his personal email).

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